sexta-feira, agosto 11, 2006

Last days of humanity - Hymns of indigestible suppuration

Ano: 2000
Gênero: Goregrind

Track list:
1)Maggot feast on a swollen fetus
2)48th cut
3)Rectal bowel inquisition
5)The taste of festering vomit
6)Consuming purulent sputum
7)From flesh to liquid mess
8)Reeking mush beneath each cavity
9)Orgasmic abortion
10)Catering from the womb
11)Acute palatable hemorrhage
12)Perforated festered scrotum
13)Stirred intestines
14)Wet remains
15)Purulent odour in stoma
16)Defecating anal sludge
17)Rancid tumour excretion
18)Wide open wounds on a disfigured
19)Hymns of indisgestible suppuration
20)Ulcerated offal
21)Defleshed by flies
22)Bowel exhibition
23)Raped in the back of a van

Excelente trabalho desses Holandeses retardados. Quem curte um som brutal, extremo, podreiras e afins, não pode deixar de conferir o trabalho desta banda maravilhosa. Destaque para as faixas: Raped in the back of a van,
The taste of festering vomit e Wet remains.


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